We are a full-service consulting firm, specializing in the sale of property at auction. As a result of administering thousands of auctions, the staff at ACE Realty & Auction possesses vast knowledge of every aspect of the auction process. Our collective experience is unmatched within the auction industry, and our unique abilities can create a competitive advantage for YOU!

Brings Immediate Results:

When you use the auction method of marketing, you can sell and close on your property in about 45 days, whereas timing is uncertain in the traditional real estate market. Knowing a specific, definite closing date allows you, the seller, to reinvest or relocate immediately.

Eliminates Holding Costs:

Because an auction shortens the marketing period and your property sells faster, your costs of holding onto it—such as interest, taxes, and maintenance—are reduced and end much sooner than in a traditional sale.

Lets You Control the Terms:

In the auction process, you, the seller, establish and control the terms and conditions of the sale. We tailor each sale to suit your needs and carefully determine the most appropriate and cost-effective method of offering the property to obtain the most money for you. We can explore alternatives, including 1031 exchanges, bidding with equity, and others.

Creates Urgency:

The auction method forces buyers to act. Traditional sales methods do not necessarily create the urgency to close your sale quickly. Auction demands decisiveness. Pressure increases as buyers bid competitively against one another, and each bid reaffirms your property’s value.

Allows for Targeted Marketing:

When your property is marketed traditionally, you receive sporadic offers over an indefinite, often lengthy time period, but an auction establishes a specific date by which all offers must be received. With this target date in mind, we design an aggressive advertising campaign to emphasize your property’s amenities and advertise in the most effective places. The goal of our advertising campaign is not only to notify buyers of the sale but to make a substantial impact, creating in them a high motivation to bid.

WHY choose ACE?

If you want to sell your property quickly and easily at the highest possible price, then the auction method of marketing is a smart decision—not a last resort.

In today’s fast-paced environment, auctions offer many advantages, including quickly and effectively establishing true market value for real property.

Since 2014, ACE has guided sellers every step of the way. Let us make sure you get the amazing results and maximum prices you desire.

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